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     Thank you for visiting our web site. We appreciate the opportunity to tell you about our organization. It is here that you will be able to learn who we are, the duties and activities exercised, the current apparatus, and how as an Upper Saucon Township resident, you can help us to protect you and your property. Please view the various pages of information that we have provided.

PUBLIC NOTICE*** We DO NOT solicit donations via phone calls, and only send out an annual donation request. If you receive a phone call stating they are soliciting money for Upper Saucon Vol. Fire Department, please try to ask more information and what the name of the company doing the calls is and contact us at the station at usfd@uppersauconfd.com. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


The Cost of outfitting a firefighter


Firefighter Turn Out Gear

Turn Out Pants and Jacket $ 2,450.00

Fire Boots $ 325.00

Nomex Hood $ 45.00

Fire Gloves $ 195.00

Fire Helmet $ 295.00

SCBA Mask $ 250.00

SCBA Pack $ 2,750.00

Streamlight $ 190.00

GRAND TOTAL $6,500.00

SCBA = Self Contained Breathing Apparatus




Burn Prevention Network

Stop, Drop, Roll, Cool, and Call

With Flick the Firefly



Burn Prevention Network "Safety Lines" 2012

Entitled: "When the Lights Go Out..."

Emergency Vehicles and the Public

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What If No One Came?.







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2014 Alarms

266 Alarms as of 8-20-2014

See Alarm Stats:

2013 Statistics:

 Alarms:    382

 Alarm Man-Hrs:   2249

 Non-Alarm Work:  12,263

 Training Man-Hrs: 4161

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