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Emergency Vehicles:

This section from the PA Driver's Manual, Pub. 95 (4-05),Chapter III, page 46,

states the actions that a none emergency driver is required to take in the

following situations.

Emergency Vehicles/Situations

Certain vehicles have sirens and flashing red lights or a combination of flashing

red and blue lights. The lights assist emergency vehicles to move quickly through

traffic and to answer emergency calls. Emergency vehicles include fire

department equipment, police cars, ambulances, blood delivery vehicles and

specially equipped vehicles from river rescue organizations, but other types do

exist. Watch out for them.

When you hear a siren or see a vehicle approaching with flashing red (or a

combination of red and blue) lights, pull over to the curb or edge of the road

and stop. Drive parallel and as near to the curb as possible. On one-way streets,

drive toward the road edge nearest you. Always stay clear of intersections.

After the emergency vehicle passes, you may start driving again. You must stay at

least 500 feet away from the emergency vehicle.

If an emergency vehicle is leaving or returning to its garage and the emergency

lights are still flashing, you must stop until the emergency vehicle is safely out of your path.

During an emergency situation, all drivers must obey the direction of any uniformed

police officer, sheriff, constable or any properly attired person, including fire police.











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